Admin Support Clerk ( RB4) -Opuwo Service Centre

Listing reference: capbw_001411
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 7 March 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Advertising and Communication
Location: Outapi
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Effective and Efficient administration and management of the administration function in compliance with the Banks rules and regulations.
Job description

  1. Checking duties/Routine Administration
1.1 Ensures that all documents are received when closing and transferring cheque/savings/investment and general ledger accounts
1.2 Sees to it that all instructions from clients are carried out accurately and on time
1.3 Sees that cheque/savings/investment and general ledger opened and closed register are updated and complete
1.4 Sees to it that instructions received for the reservation of funds are carried out timeously and correctly and references are made where necessary.
1.5 Sees that account transfer instructions are carried out correctly.
1.6 Sees that account transfer instructions are carried out correctly.
1.7 Sees to it that instructions in connection with returns are carried out timeously and accurately
1.8 Ensures cheques in excess of N$2 000 are correctly checked and filed and bank statements are despatched on time (rural only)
1.9 Sees to it that debit and credit entries and internal transfers are effected with the necessary authorisation and signatures
1.10 All lists and reports are attended to daily and rectified
1.11 Ensures that costs are recovered according to guidelines
1.12 Handle all customer queries received from service areas/direct telephone relating to cheque/savings/investment and general ledger accounts.
1.13 Sees that filing of client’s confidential files, cheque books and cheque/savings/investment and general ledger related documentation are done correctly and timeously.
1.14 Achieving routine control assessment targets
1.15 Ensures that stop payments are actioned in accordance with procedures
1.16 Ensures stop orders are actioned in accordance with procedures
1.17 Ensures data quality rules are enforced at all times. Responsible to ensure all changes to RIM is done correctly.
1.18 Ensures applicable mandates are in place and that any amendments to mandates are carried out in time and frontline areas advised immediately.
1.19 EPAC transactions
2. Customer Focus

2.1 Provide professional customer service and give correct information to clients
3. Sales Focus

3.1 Identify cross-selling opportunities and refer such opportunities and leads to the correct person or department involved
4. People Management
4.1 Ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions in order to reduce workload, overtime and staff turnover
4.2 Effectively plan and conduct formal and on the job trainings to ensure that sufficient expertise are available to perform the job
4.3 Correctly follow the directives in respect of personnel administration and ensure that documents are handed in timeously and correctly
5. Expertise

5.1 Adequate knowledge of Banks products and services that applies to this post
5.2 Has sufficient knowledge of the systems and procedures that apply to his job to carry out the work effectively.
6. Conduct

6.1 Abide by and uphold the Banks “code of conduct” regarding: professionalism, commitment, reliability, confidentiality, brand loyalty, behaviour in public discipline, etc
7. Other duties
7.1 Willing to perform any other reasonable and lawful duties assigned by the management

Core Competencies 
• Planning & Organising 
• Assertive
• Interpersonal Sensitivity
• Problem Solving and Analytic
• Insight/understanding 
• Delivering Results and meeting customer expectations
• Ability to work well under pressure.

Minimum requirements

Experience/Knowledge & Skills
• At least 2 years general banking experience 
• Knowledge of Business & Administration Procedures
• Computer literacy essential (Word, Excel)
• Good Leadership skills
• Good interpersonal relationship skills
Grade 12 Accounting and Mathematics
Certificate in Banking will be an added advantage

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