Digital Transformation Manager - Digital Data and Customer Transformation Department

Listing reference: capbw_001332
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 9 February 2024
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Banking, Finance, Insurance. Stockbroking
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: Market related
EE position: No
The primary purpose of the role is to lead and coordinate initiatives defined as part of the organization’s digital transformation strategy. This role will be responsible for leveraging digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive innovation across the organization. The Digital Transformation Manager will also be responsible for building and growing a digital-savvy culture within the organization.
Job description


1. Digital transformation roadmap
• Develop and manage the digital transformation roadmap in line with the digital strategy.
• Manage the individual initiatives within these roadmaps and ensure they are delivered within time and cost thresholds. Basically, act as project manager for these initiatives.
• Constantly assess and manage risks and opportunities during the delivery of these initiatives to ensure the organisation adjusts to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate/avoid risks.

2. Business case development
• Assist in drafting business cases for the digital transformation initiatives and facilitate taking these through the necessary governance forums for approval.
• Manage costs and resources allocated to the business cases and help ensure milestones and budgets are managed properly.
• Ensure the change management areas are addressed correctly to allow successful implementation of initiatives.
• Manage the IT Platform delivery closely to raise any potential challenges or delays in delivery timelines or quality.

3. Digital initiative outcomes management
• Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the digital transformation initiatives in order to track whether outcomes are being achieved.
• Manage these KPIs and recommend any actions to drive these, whether they touch on customer adoption, revenue generation, efficiencies or staff usage.

4. Stakeholder Management and Reporting
• Ensure all stakeholders (internal or external) are managed effectively to allow for initiatives to be implemented successfully and outcomes to be achieved. Internal stakeholders include, but are not limited to Information Technology, Operations, Retail Banking Services, Segment Heads, Risk and Credit.
• Ensure executive and management forums (including steering committees) are fully informed and that expectations around deliverables, KPIs and costs/benefits are managed proactively.
• Draft required reports for the different governance forums and management to provide clear and transparent status and progress on digital transformation initiatives.

5. Financial Management and Reporting
• Manage the budgets allocated for the initiatives under the responsibility of this role. Ensure IT spend is within thresholds and matches the delivery and scope agreed for business cases.
• Manage and report on the commercial value (business case benefits) of the initiatives under the responsibility of this role.

6. Change Management
  • Help build an organisational culture that promotes:
  • Data-driven decision-making (demonstrating the power of data analytics as a tool to make business decisions)
  • The adoption of technology to gain efficiencies and improve customer experience
  • Advanced data analytics to understand customers better


Internal Relationships:
• Digital Programme Steering Committee
• Information Technology Department
• Executive Management Team
• Business Units
• Operations Department, incl. e-Channels,
• Risk

External Relationships:
• Customers
• Technology Partners

  • Leading and Deciding Action
  • Supporting and Co-operating
  • Interacting and Presenting
  • Analysing and Interpreting
  • Creating and Conceptualising
  • Organising and Executing
  • Adapting and Coping
  • Enterprising and Performing

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.
  • Master’s Degree in a business or technology field.
  • 10 years work-experience in banking or other financial services and/or digital projects in banks or financial institutions.
  • Exposure to large digital transformation programmes
  • Project management exposure
  • Deep experience to managing diverse stakeholders (executive management, internal partners and customers)
  • Strong understanding/focus on digital technologies and platform ecosystems.
  • Exposure and expertise in human-centered design methods like Design Thinking
  • Financial industry experience preferred
  • A proven knowledge of all aspects of the technology stack in a bank
  • Experience in deriving benefits from technology

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