Head: Corporate Credit

Listing reference: capbw_000047
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 2 February 2022
Position summary
Industry: Banking
Job category: Banking, Finance, Insurance. Stockbroking
Location: Windhoek
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: TBD
EE position: No
Co-responsible for standing in as second in charge for the Executive Officer: Credit in his absence. Responsible for assessing credit applications (within applicable mandate) and managing after care in respect off all credit of allocated clients/groups that falls in the top group exposures as decided by the Executive Officer Credit
Job description

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)
Responsible for the assessment of credit applications and management of allocated portfolio.
·        Manage portfolio’ irregular credit with respect to amount and numbers for all asset products
·        Manage and limit amount of provision for bad debts
·        Assist in keeping the bank’s Credit Policy and Strategy up to date
·        Evaluate on a continuous basis the credit assessment process to ensure effective and streamlined processes.
·        Revise the Bank’s Credit Risk Framework and Sanction Policies at least once per annum or as required with changes in legislation, regulations and economic environment.

·        Responsible for the rendering of outstanding service to the department’s clients (branches) and acting as advisory body with respect to any queries related to credit, which includes Conducts client visits and interviews,
·        Turnaround time from receipt of application till feedback is given must be reduced to the minimum,
·        Provide guidance to Business and Credit Managers with respect to credit matters;
·        Ensure adherence to legislation and regulations,
·        Adapting to changes in the macro economic environment.

Responsible for the assessment and after care with respect to the corporate credit portfolio within the Bank, which includes:
·        Receiving all loans for vetting and checking of the credit comments made, and approve all good quality loans;
·        Ensure that all loans are evaluated for correctness and accuracy by the credit managers before approved by respective mandate holders;
·        Ensure all loans approved irrespective of the limit at which approved are correctly sanctioned with all the conditions of approval within the corporate credit sphere;
·        Ensure adherence to all applicable legislations and BON regulations;
·        Manage and limit amount of provisions and bad debts within the corporate credit sphere ;
·        Development of MIS reports to provide tools to corporate team to review and manage portfolio on continuous basis


Responsible for assessing accounts transferred to Legal Collections Branch (within allocated mandate) to ensure that all options are being addressed to limit losses for the bank to the minimum.
·        Investigate actions followed by branch for the duration of the account to determine whether some parties were careless or are to blame for potential losses
·        Report instances where staff members acted outside their mandate or where certain actions increased the probability of losses to the bank.
·        Endeavour to increase the amount of collections to the maximum;
·        Manage the effective recovery of bad debts written off;
·        Limit of non-performing loans, managing the credit limits;
·        Acceptance and scrutiny of non-performing advances

Responsible for identifying reports pertaining to this position and Job Description.
·        Receipt of monthly reports with respect to irregular credit by allocated portfolio and the response: Credit) thereon
·        Exercise control over ad-hoc reports, as identified, to the Bank of Namibia
·        Receipt of monthly reports as identified from time-to-time (e.g. monthly report from branches on Floor plans)
·        Monthly report of irregularities by branches as observed from daily activities
·        BID 2 reports.
·        Ensure correct and complete reports are submitted to EMT, TREASURY BARC and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS
·        Ensure compliance to all legislation applicable and Bank of Namibia regulations;
·        Perusal of credit inspection reports of the corporate credit portfolio;
·        Overall control of banks’ collateral linked to the corporate credit portfolio;
·        Review all collaterals and ensure compliance to all procedures and evaluate all information and ensure accuracy of same and ensure that these needed documents are well prepare as per required agreement or situation;
·        Evaluate all collateral information and perform verification on same and analyse qualities for all loan collateral accounts and ensure eligibility for same;
·        Review all policy exceptions and material issues and inform portfolio manager for same and identify and resolve all trade allocation issues and escalate if required;
·        Monitor and reconcile all lain associate activities and payments and coordinate with relevant parties to prepare everyday posting.
·        Oversees the implementation and management of people process management process within the corporate credit function;
·        Ensures compliance with all Human Resources policies;
·        Ensures that complete and accurate human resource records for members of corporate credit team are in place and maintained;
·        Conducts regular performance discussions and implements interventions to address performance gaps; and
·        Ensures that bi-annual customer satisfaction surveys are conducted.
Responsible for the following and serve as a member on the following:
·                    All ALCO responsibilities including Interest rate forecast
·                    All Credit Risk forum responsibilities
·                    All Risk Committee responsibilities including Operational Risk forum
·                    All Counter Party / Treasury facilities
·                    Project management
·                    Structured Finance
·                    Strategy of Credit Department
·                    To serve a member on the Board Credit Committee
9.    Risk management
Responsibilities as delegated by Principal Risk Owner in terms of GRICAF and various policies and frameworks

Minimum requirements

Experience/Knowledge & Skills
·        Knowledge of the system and processing activities
·        Self-confidence and interpersonal skills
·        10 years’ experience in Credit and Market risk environment
·        Computer literate: (knowledge of MS Word & MS Excel)
·        Must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence
·        Must have knowledge of the different regions within Namibia
·        Analytical and technical skills
·        Product knowledge.
·        Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Risk/Legal (B.Comm or similar) an Hons or Master’s degree will be an advantage